Water Fair

The Water Fair
A Concept to Help the Victims of Big Coal.

Spring 2014

Due to a lack of regular inspections, 30,000 tons of Duke Energy’s coal ash leaked into the Dan river in North Carolina; poisoning the water supply for 600,000 people. No, you didn’t hear about it. It’s just one of the thousands of toxic spills that happen each year; It isn’t news. And at the time Duke refused to take any responsibility for it (They finally paid a fine of 6 million for the spill in September 2016).

I created a direct mail folder for an event concept to help the victims of this sort of disaster. The spill itself brought on some dark tones, so I wanted to turn it into something positive and communal; an event where people can come together and have fun while helping.

The Water Fair is meant to be a fun, family event that would gather clean water donations. The idea was simple: Water bottles as currency. A fair would be thrown outside a large community pool with games, vendors and live music. Everything, from tickets to hamburgers, would be purchased with water bottles. At the end of the day, The Beach Boys would take the mainstage (I was idealistic) and all profits would be sent to the people of North Carolina.

The challenge in designing the folder was to create a layout that worked both in parts and as a whole. With each unfold, the next part of the message would be revealed. When completely unfolded, the layout would read as a poster, and include a second poster on the opposite side.

The event was fictitious, but sadly, the tragedy wasn’t.

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