Star2Star Communications

Spring Designing
When Hundreds of Documents are Outdated by a Rebrand.

Summer 2014 – Summer 2015
Client: Star2Star Communications

Star2Star communications is an incredibly fast-growing company founded in a garage circa 2006. They create a software of the same name that connects all of a business’ communications to a single network. In summer 2014, I was recruited by their in-house marketing team as a creative-intern; my first paying design gig.

Star2Star sells their software indirectly; through resellers. So marketing was mostly B2B and came in the form of all sorts of pamphlets, instruction manuals and word-docs galore. The problem was that they had hundreds of these things currently in use and the company had recently changed their whole look and feel, rendering all of the documents obsolete.

Over the course of my year and a half internship with the company, I went through a pretty decent chunk of these documents. The old documents were mostly pdfs created in MS word, and I redesigned them from scratch with updated fonts, photos, graphics, and colors. I also made a point of making them clear and easy to understand in the process. There were forms, terms and conditions, instruction manuals, infographics, presentations, brochures, mailers, and more. Admittedly, it could get very tedious and boring. But whenever I could, I did take opportunities to be creative. I would often opt for illustrating over using stock photos, and spent extra time creating the covers for handbooks.


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