Heroes of Mote Marine Laboratories

Some Heroes Wear Lab Coats 
Helping Scientists Save the World.

Winter 2016 – 2017
Client: Daytona Beach CVB
Agency: Paradise Advertising & Marketing

The scientists of Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida do all they can to protect our oceans and lead a sustainable future. From the battle against red tide and ocean litter to the quest for cleaner seafood and a cure for cancer, these heroes will stop at nothing to create a better tomorrow. Unless, that is, they can’t get funding.

Mote wanted an ad campaign that highlighted some of their actual scientists to create awareness of their laboratories and attract donors. The final concept included a portrait of a scientist with type surrounding their heads, describing the goals of their research.

So far I’ve created 22 of these ads. The greatest challenges of this campaign were making a typeface feel organic and making a bunch of individual portraits feel like a group photo.


A man, who gives his names as Scott Xu, posts a four-page love letter to call her girl friend, Xuan, to come back to him, in the Beijing Youth Daily, a popular newspaper in Beijing on Thursday, Apr. 02, 2015. 02APR15 Photo by Simon Song


mote-heroes-02 mote-heroes-03 mote-heroes-04 SRQ Magazine - group ad.indd

Art Direction: Glenn Bowman
Copy: Bridget Rustemier + Brian Arndt
Design / Typography: Myself