Daytona – Original American Beach Print Campaign

The Original American Beach
It’s More Than Just Nascar.

Fall 2015 – Winter 2017
Client: Daytona Beach CVB
Agency: Paradise Advertising & Marketing

Most people think of Daytona Beach as a place for wild spring breakers and Nascar nuts, but it’s more than that. In order to really entice a different kind of visitor, the campaign needed to show what else Daytona Beach has to offer.

I had just started working with Paradise Advertising when this campaign was conceived. I was brought in on the tail-end after the photoshoot to make photo selects and layout the print ads. Pairing well with the eye-catching photos, each headline packed a short and sweet punch with particular emphasis on one key word: Authentic, Real, American, Together, etc. I created a system for hierarchy between the brand fonts and applied it to all the headlines in the campaign.












Creative Direction: Glenn Bowman + Brian Arndt
Photography: Steve Beaudet
Design / Typography: Myself