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Design Blind
Helping My Dad Find His Identity.

Spring 2014

Some years ago, my dad had started a window blinds business. He had just opened up his showroom and put up the signs with his logo on it. He had designed the logo himself on microsoft word. I wasn’t too fond of it, and he didn’t quite see what I was seeing. So I decided to have a go at it myself.

I felt like so many of the small-business window blind shops were using serif fonts in their logos. I think they were trying to come across as elegant and sophisticated, but with wonky colors, stretches, warps, and bad cartoon illustrations, they really just looked cheesy.

To distinguish my dad’s business from the clutter, I went with a sans-serif and took a modernist approach. It made more sense to me since sans serif fonts have straight ends just like the window blinds. To pair with the type, I created a memorable logo mark. Inspired by the marks of Paul Rand and Chermayef & Geismar, the mark is an abstraction of window blinds.

Upon showing my Dad, it was clear to him that this logo was much better than the one he was using, and he promptly replaced it. I also mocked up a potential design for his showroom space, but it was a bit out of the budget.

blinds-01 blinds-02