Big Boy

Big Boy
Like the Spaceship from Austin Powers.

Spring 2014
Client: Big Boy
Agency: PP+K

In my final semester of college, I had an exciting internship with local ad agency, PP+K. Despite only working there for a short period of time, I got to touch a variety of projects. I helped out with promoting Tampa Bay, decorating the zoo, packaging a cider, shooting portraits, and creating the agency’s “look-book”, but most-prominently, I worked on Big Boy restaurants.

Up until this point, my only real familiarity with Big Boy was Dr. Evil’s spaceship from Austin Powers. I assumed they were an old restaurant, but really we just don’t have them here in Florida. Most of the locations are in Ohio, Michigan, and California. It was my first time creating work that would be seen so far from home.

I was asked to take a shot at the Art Direction for an Ad to promote their new endless seafood buffet. My idea was that Big Boy could be a happy end to an unsuccessful day of fishing.


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